Getting Here

Getting Here As Easily As Possible
There are three ways to get to Carrileufu Valley Lodge, home of Patagonia Fishing Hosts, in Cholila, Argentina, starting out by air:

  • For most travelers, flying through Buenos Aires, Argentina’s glamorous capital (perhaps spending the night), is the most pleasant route. Once you reach Buenos Aires, your can continue on your own or enjoy the services of our partners with Swan Turismo (see box below map).
  • From Buenos Aires, you have two options. One is a 2-hour flight to Bariloche (not shown on map area but located north of El Bolson). From Bariloche, Cholila is 2 1/2 to 3 hours driving. It’s a beautiful drive to start getting the atmosphere of Patagonia.
  • A second way is to fly from Buenos Aires to Esquel via Aerolineas Argentina, a 2 hrs and 10 minutes flight. The driving distance from there to the lodge is much shorter, about 1 hr and 30 minutes, through the Alerces National Park (where you will be fishing later on, so again, you get a preview.)

There is one big difference between these flights: to Bariloche you have 8 to 10 flights every day on 2 different airlines, and to Esquel you only have 3 flights a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, on Aerolineas Argentinas.

In both cases, we will be waiting for you (assuming you tell us you’re coming of course) to take you to the Carrileufu Valley Lodge. We have all 4×4 vehicles, and in case it is a big group we will arrange pick-up with a van.


Let Swan Turismo Take Care Of You In Buenos Aires

For travel, hotel and entertainment arrangements within Argentina, we recommend Swan Turismo. They will handle airport pick-up and transfer, book tango and other shows, and help to make your visit to Argentina most enjoyable. We’ve used them for years and they are good! It’s great to have someone you can trust looking it for you in another country. Plus they can make things happen in case an airplane is delayed, you need to change your schedule at the last minute, or want to attend an event.

For more information on Swan Turismo please refer to:
If you wish to contact them for more information their email address is: or go to the website and click on “Contact Us.” You can also call at (54 11) 4129 7996.

For maximum convenience and best pricing, we highly recommend that you let the Carrileufu Valley Lodge staff connect you with Swan Turismo. Just use our online contact form to tell us when you will be in Buenos Aires, flight plans etc., and we’ll take care of everything.